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Hi friends! Welcome to the insert credit wiki. Our aim is to compile the knowledge of a bunch of people who think they know everything about videogames into a resource that might actually realize something of an elitist dream.


  • Find other IC players with which to swap friend codes and multiplayer details.



Assistance in developing homebrew software.

  • Resources: a wealth of sites that will assist in various aspects of videogame development.


Theory and technical aspects of videogames.


General information pages about the history, people and games which comprise the games industry.

  • Companies: a list and descriptions of various videogame companies.
  • Hardware: information on all types of videogame hardware.
  • People: composers, designers, and everyone else responsible for the many sides of videogame production.
  • Software: view listings of videogames, genres and general software.


  • IC Recommends: tips from IC users on games and various other things you could be missing out on.

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