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Hi friends! Welcome to the insert credit wiki. The aim of this thing here, is to compile the knowledge of a bunch of people who think they know everything about videogames, into a resource that might actually realize that elitist dream.

As it stands, we're having everyone register in order to post and edit, so that we only get those who are serious about what they're writing, ideally. So what kind of stuff do we want in here? Pretty much everything related to niche gaming. Descriptions of obscure companies and their major titles (with a company like Bandai, for instance, which lists its entire history in english, it's ok to copy and paste their own text, as long as you put a link back), relevant/obscure games, general arcade board information, and specific terms that are not in common use.

This whole wiki formatting business is a bit different form html, UBB, or other normal-style languages, so check this page for info on how to do that. Try to keep every major section links-only. The game company page, for instance, should just contain (alphabetized!) links to companies - D3 Publisher, data east, data west, like that. Then those pages link to the actual company data. Let's also try not to make judgements - no worst game/worst company ever-style comments. And - very important if you make a new page, please link it to the appropriate page in the main index. That is to say, if you update a new entry from the Data West page, such as a game creator, please be sure to link that page in the creator area as well. Thanks to all, let's make this thing work!

~ic staff

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