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If you have problems with the wiki, here's where to bring those problems to someone's attention. And by someone I mean me.

Currently this wiki, while amazing and full-featured, is lacking certain amenities. Password retrieval and account editing are not available at this time. I will shoulder the responsibility for this.

Please forgive this problem, we will overcome!

Lost Password

If you have lost your password, and would like to have a new one assigned, send an email to icwiki at

  • Include your username and email that you used to register your wiki account.

I will email your NEW password to you. This should serve as ID verification; the wrong user shouldn't be reading your mail, right?

Can't Register

Sometimes the email system goes down and you can't receive the email with your password. If this is the case, follow the password retrieval instructions above, and I will send you a new password.

Yes, there is a patch available, however the patch changes with every new wiki release, so I unilaterally deemed it better to do things this way. Conversation and constructive comments are welcomed below this line.

Q. Is there a password change option implemented yet? I'd rather not be forced to dig up the one that was assigned to me every time I toss my cookies. — Legato B 2005/09/28 04:16
A. With apologies, no, not yet. — lawrence 2005/09/28 06:06

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