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Some trends have begun to evolve already. One that strikes me as interesting is a system of editing through footnotes, when unclear on some aspect of the original article. Example here. If there's a simple factual error or something that can be expanded, by all means edit away. If unsure, this is a good way to show your confusion1).






for organizational purposes.2)

Be Consistent

Don't be like me and go messing around with formatting on a few pages before seeing how others are doing it and how it looks. Sometimes the others have the right idea! — Legato B 2005/09/28 04:42
This man speaks the truth. It is a neccessity to get to know the rythm before hitting the dance floor. — Mr. Mon Ami 2005/09/28 07:09
hee hee. you mispelled rhythm. — nothingxs 2006/02/21 10:27


Don't just cut and paste Wikipedia entries (or anything else you find on the Internet). Use your own words to explain what you personally know, or else this wiki will serve no purpose. I shouldn't have to say this.

Beware of colons

When linking a game title with a colon, it's safest just to replace it with a single-space dash. For instance, Metroid II: Return of Samus becomes Metroid II - Return of Samus.


Use a double forward-slash to italicize game, movie, tv show, book, or periodical names.

Russel T. Davies' //Queer as Folk//
//Adventure of Link// is unlike other games in the Zelda series.
//Electronic Gaming Monthly// volume 2, issue 4

Otaku attack!

For the most part we're writing in English here, folks. Use Japanese style when you're writing in Japanese; use English style when you're writing in English. Let's not get cute.


pocky.jpg Insert them by clicking the button second from the right on the editing bar. They can be left or right or center-aligned by putting a space before the image name for right alignment, after the name for left alignment or one before and after the name for center alignment. Have a look at the following examples:

{{ center.jpg }}
{{left.jpg }}
{{ right.jpg}}

Note that center images have no text wrap, but left and right images will have text that sits next to them.

Pictures are most effective for illustrators (to give an idea of the style) and for creators (so we have a face to link with their ideas). Try to fill in the blanks where you see them!

Linking and Creating Pages

Whenever you use the double brackets to link to a page (for instance, to ninjas) that might already exist, be sure that the word you are linking is the same one as the existing page. If you must use a different word (i.e. NINJAS!!!), be sure to use the appropriate syntax: type the actual keyword in the brackets first and then use a pipe3) to separate it from the text that you want to appear, using no spaces. Check the source of this entry if you still don't understand how to do it.4)

Name Spaces

Please refer to Name Spaces.

Is it a good idea to learn how to use this?. — Mr. Mon Ami 2005/09/28 07:11

It seems to be a way of categorizing the data. Is it too late to try? — Lawrence 2005/09/30 10:09


We're functioning adults here, or at least most of us are. If you disagree with something in a page, go ahead and edit it. Do not edit so that it's obvious that you're doing so just because you disagree, especially if you do it in a confrontational manner that calls attention to the edit. This is not a message board and you don't need to act a fuck because your mother never loved you and you crave attention. Remember, it is the subtlest knife that cuts the sharpest.5)6)


>Hello There Mr Friend
>>Why hello there Mr Sushi
>>>[[R U O K]]?
>>>>No, My wolf has been busted.
Hello There Mr Friend
Why hello there Mr Sushi
R U O K?
No, My wolf has been busted.

Also, you can use the Signature button in the editor (feather button all the way to the right) to easily nick- and timestamp your comments.

Common Wiki Fights

I've created wikifights, which lists some of the common fights that occur in wikis these days. It'd be cool to know the opinions of the administrators on these issues. — Jason "Textfiles" Scott 2005/10/05 06:24

Removing topics

Just delete all the text. It's simple!

The only reason to delete things, mind, is for the purpose of organization: if something's named wrong and you want to change the listing, or if you're trying to coalesce several entries into one.

1) That being if you are confused or not.
2) Seriously, do this. It makes the pages look a hundred times better.
3) this thing: |
4) Sometimes the pages will have that weird wiki: thing attached to them, so pay attention or you'll end up like our friend here! — Legato B 2005/09/28 04:42
5) what the fucks knives can't be subtle TAKE IT BACK
6) Somebody hasn't been reading Pullman
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